Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{This n' That}

I forgot to tell you about some of the movies that I watched over the holidays, I think I was the only person who had not seen Marley and Me, but I rented it and it was so good, even though the ending was sad it by no means ruined the movie, I would watch it again. Second, Julie & Julia, ooooh, how I loved that movie so much I think it may be one of my top movies, it made me feel happy and made me want to kick up my culinary skills. Third, the day after Christmas my sister, her m.inlaw, and sis/inlaw all went with the intentions of seeing "It's Complicated" but they were sold out and since we were already out we couldn't just go back home so we checked to see what was coming up in the next 30 min. and we ended up seeing "Have you Heard About The Morgans" with SJP & Hugh Grant, and it was a great movie also, we had a great time! I am so excited about Idol starting back up tonight, Hannah starts gym. back up tonight and they have moved to a new location so that will be interesting, so right after H gets done at 7:15 we have to hurry home for Idol!!!! Also, I haven't heard back from the vacum cleaner shop, I am curious as to what the verdict is???? ha! my house needs to be vacumed by darn!!!