Sunday, January 17, 2010

{The ignored toy}

You see this barbie glamour jet, isn't is neat? don't you just love it? don't you wish you could play with it? Well, let me tell you the story, get a cup of coffee and kick back awhile, it all started when I saw this listed on the BlackFriday website that Kohl's would have these for $29.99 reg. price is $79.99 wow that is HUGE right? And I am like oh yeah that's it I'm getting that for Hannah, she never asked for it but I knew she would like it, now the deal is Kohl's was opening at 4:00 this year, but that's okay it's worth it, so on Tuesday I called our K and ask about this product and they said they had never seen them and couldn't promise they would have them because not every store has everything the ad offers, okay crap, I am not getting up at 3:15 to be busting through the door for nothing, so I called the corp. office, man I am desperate at this point, they checked the system and said my K would have 10 for Friday and that they may not have unloaded the specials truck and logged everything in yet, but yes they would have 10 of them. I am so happy at this point and have total reason to bust through the door at 4 a.m. like a freaking maniac. Ok so I am sooooo excited about this , I got to K at 3:30 and had a really good place in line, pretty close to the front, but still kinda nervous about it, my sis also met me there, we were fired up, the girl behind me says she wants a jet, I'm like "me too" and I am thinking that if I had to trip her to get mine, well, I would! ha! J/K anyway, doors open, we run in, and there they are in the middle of the aisle, all 10 of them, and I lunged for it, and got it, yes I did, and the box was huge and I held that box like it was gold, my sis grabbed one also in the spirit of things and so did the gal behind us, it was truly a euphoric moment, people would ask us through the store where we got it and of course there were no more left and we were so proud. So we finished our shopping and went to other stores. Then K started showing it on their commercials and I would point it out to H to get a reaction and she did love it, good deal eh? The deal is I was a huge Barbie player, I had to quit playing in 7th grade because I was entering the youth group at church and I was just getting too old for them, sad sad day it was. My sis and I had everything barbie and set up played for days straight, we had the good stuff too, cars, plazas, swimming pools, camper... so needless to say I heart Barbie. Move ahead Christmas day and she was totally pumped when she saw what Santa had brought, and guess what????? she has played with it maybe 3 times since, nuff said, I am crushed beyond words, I may have to force her to play with it on my behalf, she said she likes it, but I'm not so sure, she loves the Wii. Poor Barbie Glamour Jet I worked so hard to get you, I'm sorry...