Monday, January 4, 2010

{Routine denial}

Well this is the last day of Christmas break and I am really bummed about it, we have been sleeping so late, going to bed late and just being plain irresponsible!!!! but is has been sooooo nice not to have a schedule, I am such a schedule person that I can't believe I don't want this to end, what is MY deal????? Someone has to be the responsible one here and get all this back in order and I guess that would be me huh? so, with that said, the kids are gonna grump and whine when I tell them to pick up everything that's their's and take it to their rooms, clean the rooms, and their bathroom cause I ain't touching that one!! haha! And, I had every intention of having my kids do some reading during the break so they won't forget what a book and words are and ya know what??? not 1 book read, but, they play Wii really well, does that count???? and, they know how to eat ALL DAY LONG, seriously, all day, we can't afford to feed them anymore so they need to go back to school where they only eat 1 time in 7 hours, oh the horror that will be on them, and while they are back at school what will I do????? I will do some organizing and get started on some of my goals for the year that I am really excited about and then I will wait for my babies to come back home to me and watch them eat everything in the house the minute they get home because they are soooo starving!!!! and then homework, and the routine begins...