Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a sweet movie...

no pun intended! haha!! we had already seen it when it first came out and I had it on our BB online and it came this week so we all watched it last night, I had forgotten how cute it was! as I have said before I just love watching kid movies, at least the good ones, hehe! we actually got some rain yesterday evening, and did we ever need it, it was actually a very cozy night because there was no sun beating in, it made me want to bake something! but I didn't, too lazy :) But I will bake a goody sometime this weekend, I'm thinking of something new, I have been eyeing a couple of recipes from another blog and they look mighty tasty! I have to go grocery shopping later on, and it's will be one of those big trips, my kids are like we don't have anything good to eat, them being home in the summer sure makes the grocery bill go waaaay up, all they want to do it eat! I need to run now! Stay cool, it's HOT!