Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This is how I feel right now, lots going on! too many balls in the air. Now that our vacation is over we are back to working on getting the house ready to sell, last night we were making our list on what needs to be tackled next. I also have a to do list that is crazy busy, and I will start marking things off today as I will not procrastinate, not me, I will accomplish by darn!! It's dangerously hot these days, triple digits mind you! I am actually ready for fall, I love the fall feeling, what I really want is some rain! which reminds me, Jim told Cameron to make sure he turns the sprinklers on when he gets up and the little bum is still sleeping, so I may need to do it myself, which I really shouldn't because last night Jim had a little talk with him about helping out more around here, he can have all the summer fun he wants he just needs to actually "lift a finger" every now and then!! haha! Well, I better get, I need to refresh my coffee, have a great day everyone! S