Sunday, July 27, 2008

And we're back...

We had such a good time with our family, and I took tons of pictures, but I had to choose just a "few" to share with you!
We love cousins! yeeha!

The girls during the Hannah Montana 3-D concert on
Saturday night, we got them t-shirts, eye glitter & pink hair they
were too cute!

Papa Wayne who is a big golfer got Cameron his own set of clubs! wow, was he ever excited! they were off for a golf game on Saturday morning! thanks Papa Wayne!

We love our Papa!

Me and my sis, love you Terri!

Digging for earthworms at Mimi's

My cute nephew John

These girls are loving youtube!

Mom and Terri, miss you already ladies!!

And I love this picture of my sweet niece Molly-Kate, she was a big helper getting ready for our big family dinner on Saturday night at mimi's house, she did such a good job setting the table!


Anonymous said...

We miss you to Stac! Love all the pictures. D asked if you wrote in how hot you think he is, haha!!! Love you guys! T