Friday, July 11, 2008

Trip to the mall

Cameron had a birthday party to go to at the skateboard park in Grapevine Mills Mall last night so me, Jim & Hannah just hung out, walked around, had some pizza at Sbarro's. I had already told the kids we would take them to the candy store for some goodies, so they were totally excited about that, so they have their bags and are just salivating at all the sweets, filling them with those little shovels in the bins, and I was of course monitoring them because they get a little carried away and because that candy can be very costly once they put it on the scales, and wouldn't you know it, I spent $11 on 2 small bags of candy, I just cringed, you can't put it back! Jim said $11 in candy is $300 at the dentist!! haha!! we just made sure they brushed really good before bed. We actually had a nice time at the party, we knew alot of the people there, and Hannah had fun running around with the other younger kids. My dad aka...papa is coming to see us for the weekend and we are really excited, he is too much fun! The kids are still sleepin and my only kiddo for the day is pulling up so I need to run! Have a great weekend! S