Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Six Flags

We went to 6 Flags yesterday and had alot of fun but... it was 103 degrees and it was like burning alive all day, seriously, everyone there was just drenched in sweat, we took soooo many cool off breaks, you had too, we stayed plenty hydrated with drinks, snowcones! we rode alot of rides, the first ride I got on with Cameron was an upside down ride and I didn't realize it, I closed my eyes during most of it! Hannah is tall enough to ride most things and she did, no fear at all! Jim rode a few by himself because none of us were brave enough! We got there at 10 and left at 4, we just couldn't do it anymore, we were exhausted! We are just hanging here today, doing some housework and we leave for Texarkana tomorrow morning to see my family, we won't be back until Sunday, so I'll talk to you all next week! Here are some pictures from 6 Flags!