Saturday, August 28, 2010


My husband "healed me" yesterday right when he walked in the door after a very busy day at work, I was standing at the window waiting on him to drive up, feeling very blue, almost speechless, couldn't even find words to say I felt so "bad" so defeated, sad, helpless, no light at the end of the tunnel feeling, he walked in and looked at me and said "what's wrong" I just looked at him, still couldn't talk, no crying, just empty, he hugged me, I started to talk... I expressed my feelings, he listened, he gave his 2 cents, he didn't just say "things" to make me feel better, he's an honest, tell it like it is kinda guy, he also told me that the I can't let the devil try and take over, and I really needed to hear that, but he did "heal" me if you will, and I felt I could actually function again, we then served ourselves some dinner that I had prepared and just existed together (kids were out playing) he gets me, I felt so grateful for his words that I later thanked him, he just nodded his head at me with that look...