Monday, August 16, 2010


Let's hear it from all the busy moms right now??!!! it is that time again, I was making a to do list yesterday and have been trying to mark off as much as I can today! ha! Seriously there is so much to do right now, I was really crabby this morning as I looked at my messy kitchen, living room, etc... the mess from the weekend, and Cameron had a friend spend the night so they ate everything in the house, these are the times I am ready for school, and then when I am in a kind frame of mind, I feel guilty for wishing them back to school, are yall with me??? and the heat does not help my mood, ladies I am sweating so bad these days, like, embarrasing sweating, how nasty is that? Off, the subject real quick Hannah just came in from playing with a friend and is mad because the friend wouldn't let H hold her hamster, and she let the other friend hold it, it's so not fair!!! life is tough when your 8!! and those who know H, she gets very angry real easy and it's not pretty! anywho, tonight my sister and I are meeting at Wal-mart and finishing our school shopping, no kids, and hopefully it won't be too crowded later tonight, I don't do crowds too well!! so needless to say I am looking forward to spending time with her, we always have a great time no matter where or what we're doing!! Here's to not be crabby anymore!!! there's no time to be crabby now is there???? haha


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, just to let you know I have a little plaque that says: The crab is in! (its a little red crab hanging over the edge! I think that just fit your post! too cute! I understand everything you said!!Have a great week!