Wednesday, August 18, 2010

{School prep}

We're busy getting ready for school around here this week, all the supplies are bought, I just love all the new stuff, clothes are bought, new shoes were bought yesterday and they are thrilled with their choices and so am I!!! Tomorrow night is meet the teacher at both schools, so between 5-7 we will be meeting teachers, finding classes, setting up locker (Cameron) and exploring H new school, the lucky little girl will be in a brand new school, just built and we can't wait to take the tour!!! yeah!

We are trying to fit as much fun stuff as we can into the next few days, last night we did night time swimming with my sis and her kids, and that was so much fun, today we are just chillin for the most part as it is so incredibly hot and the humidity is ridiculous, which has made me feel really bad MS wise, I don't feel so great right now.

Cameron and my dad are getting their haircut this afternoon, this is a tradition for them, they always go together which works for me, thanks Dad!!! he is getting shaggy and needs a clean up for school, H had hers done a few weeks ago, speaking of hair, I need to make my appt. my roots ain't lookin too good, haha!! You know awhile back I told you some new exciting things were in the works for me, well, they are starting to happen and I coouldn't be more thrilled, more on that to come!!! Other than that, life is good, we are happy, I love my little family so much and am so proud of them, I am so glad they are mine!!!!