Friday, November 6, 2009

{What we need is more child labor...]

that's an attention getter huh? I was reading another blog about some kids who were learing a lesson in helping their parents chop and haul wood, they would put it in wheel barrels and haul it to it's destination, and so forth, the mom thought this was a good lesson in teaching "survival" or rather just some good hard work. Another blog I read or several that is, have gardens and the kids help pick, wash, sort the goods. And it really reminded me of my kids... NOT hahahahaha!
Yesterday evening my kids were playing on the playground and it was getting dark, so I yelled for them get their bikes and come home, my sweet Hannah responded "NO"!!!! really loud and clear for the whole apartment complex to hear, and I stood looking like an idiot, that is so Hannah, such a rude little toot. And when I ask Cameron to vacum the stairs he says "no, it really hurts my back" me and my MS, lower back problem self says "oh really???? get busy bud!
And he does, but not without complaining the entire time. Let's see, can I come up with another one, oh sure I can, but we don't have that long do we???? Oh, I adore my babies, they just need to get to work, earn their keep!!!!


Lynn said...

Just stopped in to say hi from Sugar Pie Farmhouse. Your blog is so cute; love your picture on the side. I need to get me a haircut like that :) It's good to meet you.