Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I was looking back at my post a year ago today and I am going to write about the same thing, because I hope I always feel the same way and have that Thanksgiving spirit. I love the week of Thanksgiving, it's so exciting to anticipate all the fun! We are not traveling this holiday, we're staying right here with our family and my brother and his family are coming in from Austin, I can hardly wait!! I have done my shopping, so all I have to do is make and bake, I am taking green bean casserole, love the smell of french fried onions, it says Thanksgiving to me, also corn casserole and a pecan pie, we are going to have so much food, and I love the leftovers :)
Cameron, Hannah and I all got haircuts yesterday, so we're ready for out Christmas pictures this weekend, the kids have a 2 day week, so they are ready for their break, lots of cousins to play with!

On another note, I am so sad that Jon & Kate are over.. what are your feelings?