Tuesday, November 17, 2009

{Basking in the coziness}

Such cool, cozy weather this is, it's about time it felt like fall and Thanksgiving for that matter! I love the cooler weather, such a nice break from the warm weather. As I have said a few posts before about Thanksgiving not getting it's glory, I am making sure to voice what I am thankful for everyday, and you know, that's not hard to do, I feel very blessed in my life and am thankful for it. But today I want to say how thankful I am for my family, truly the best!!!

I just compiled a list of what I am going to bake for the holidays, I have 6 goodies, and they are sounding mighty yummy!!! I try to pick up a few items everytime I go to the store, so it won't be so expensive doing it all at one time. I love to bake goodies for neighbors, teachers, my own family (can't give it all away) :) and for Thanksgiving I love making casseroles and baking pies, can't wait!!! love it!!