Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Somtimes I think that poor Thanksgiving gets a bum deal, it seems we go from Halloween to Christmas, my husband has always been bothered by that too, he said let's enjoy Thanksgiving and then we'll dive into Christmas. We should really be thankful for Thanksgiving because it's a no gifts and no pressure holiday, just a day to eat and be with your loved ones. My sister and I were talking yesterday about this and how we have always loved Thanksgiving, the parades, cooking delicious casseroles and pies, it's a very warm and cozy day to me. I am going to do a thankful jar for our family to put what we are thankful for and discuss them at dinner time, I think the kids will really enjoy this activity. I love this plaque that sits on my bar and it's there all the time not just for Thanksgiving, I am also loving my turkey, love turkeys!!!