Friday, November 20, 2009

{Turkey lunch at school}

Jim and I are going to have Thanksgiving lunch with Hannah at school today, good ol' cafeteria food!! it will be fun though, she is very excited, when I asked Cameron if they were having one he got very appalled, "no mom, we're in middle school we don't have our mommies and daddies come have lunch with us" I was like well sorry!!! ha! I don't like this growing up business, it's not working for me! :) It's raining today and cold, feels good though, not much going on this weekend, Hannah and her cousins are spending night with mimi tonight, and so far that's all that's planned, I like it when we just go with the flow! I am so excited about Thanksgiving, and then Black Friday, (that's a whole other post)

I better get back to cleaning, breaks over!