Friday, January 28, 2011


We saw this wonderful movie yesterday and loved it too pieces.  Tomorrow is Hannah's 9th birthday, and we had not seen this movie yet and heard so many wonderful things about it and knew we needed to see it before it left theatres.  This year we decided that H would have a family only party, I just feel that not every birthday should be a friend party, and decided that we would do a friend party every other year, so, since her best friends are her cousins it works out just perfect.  So we decided to go see this movie as part of her gift and were going tomorrow but then found out it was leaving theatres today, I mean it has been out since Thanksgiving, so we went last night to the 4:50 showing, it was H, her cousins, my sis, mother and Cameron.  The kids were treated to movie snack packs and had so much fun, esp since we were the only ones in there, all to ourselves, C went to see Yogi Bear that was playing at the same time, so everyone had alot of fun, I really love Disney movies, they never disappoint.  Tomorrow we are having cake and gifts at our house and I have some really neat things up my sleeve, even H doesn't know what they are and I am super excited to set up for the birthday girl, can't believe my baby girl will be 9!!!!!! 


Sara G said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! My daughter Krista turned 9 last fall. Have a great day tomorrow and enjoy! They grow up so fast!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Happy:) Birthday Hannah! And was Tangled not the best! I loved it took my grandaughters to see it! I bought them the dolls for christmas. Hope you have a fun:)Day! and show us pics of that B~Day!