Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Morning fun}

You gotta love mornings that start something like this:    Hannah has just gotten up for breakfast, Cameron is already up and ready, H is slow in the morning, C is not, I don't remember exactly what started this conversation but it was something to the effect that C thinks H needs a cell phone, oh holy cow!! she is just turning 9 on Sat. no way Jose!!!  so then she ponders her unfortunatness and cries all over her cherrios, slobber and all, yum.  She tells me everyone in her 3rd grade class has one, I don't think everyone, but to her, anywho, I tell her no, too young, too $$, C got his on 12th birthday, even though he did have a pay as you go at his disposal in 5th grade, we'll see about that for H when that time comes.  She is bawling her eyes out, and I thank C for his great morning conversation starter,  he then calls her a baby, she keeps building her need for a phone, I say no, she pipes it up a notch, red eyes, horrors.  I then have to tell her in a not so kind voice to hush it up, this is ridiculous, truly ridiculous.  I finally tell her that maybe, just maybe I could put a regular phone in her room, she decides this might just work and stops crying, I can handle that.


Nana's Nuggets said...

OH! Hannah it will be ok, phone in room sounds good! This sounds so like my grands! One is always causing some un-known confusion with the other! Love that Family life! Happy:) Decision! Stacy!:)