Thursday, January 20, 2011


Having a good attitude, feeling hopeful and peace, ohhh the peace.  I need more peace in my life, and I don't mean from the pressures of life, I am talking about deep inside ME, my peace, it's my deal, no one else is responsible for,  and this is not all coming from my father's death, this is me, I think it's anxiety, I am full of it, really, I am.  Now I know that with my MS comes alot of "stuff", depression plays a role and I take something for that, but I think I need something else, and when I go to the doctor in the next 2 weeks I will discuss this with him, I want to make this better, I want to be a better me, I am in there.  Yes, I am going through a tough time with my father's death, and depression is def. there, it's normal at this point and I accept that, I did some research the other day and I do think I need to switch my meds to something different, like I said I want to be a better ME.  Life is short, things change, things happen, kids grow up... and I want to be able to roll with it and enjoy everything, don't get me wrong I am a glass half full kinda gal,  I just struggle at times, maybe more than normal.  I am beyond happy in my marriage, family life, my new job that allows me to stay at home, I am so thankful for my life, I just need a little help, I slip very easily and it's very hard on me, not to mention that with my MS I have all kinds of crap that goes with it, I just deal with it as I can,  and if I know I can make things better you bet I am going to try and do it, this is a wonderful life that I have been given.


Cindy Bultema said...

Lifting you up in prayer! May God infuse you with His perfect peace, joy, and a fresh measure of His strength. Thanks for being honest and real. Keep looking UP!
Sweet blessings to you and your family~
Cindy :)