Monday, January 17, 2011


Since we have no school today we had our cousins Madeline and Molly-Kate spend the night with us, and as you can see they have a ton of fun when they are together.  They wanted me to take some silly pictures of them, so I grabbed my camera and they did some serious posing, they are so silly, these girls.  They had their pillow pets, except MK forgot hers, so they wanted  to pose with them, so I just indulged them and did as they commanded, haha! 

They played Barbies most of the night, they are loving their Liv and Moxie dolls, they set up a really fun area in her closet and had a blast, my sister and I were the same way growing up, we loved our Barbies and had all the fun stuff to go with it and we are loving it that our girls are enjoying them too.  They had a snack, watched some tv and  giggled alot! and didn't do any fussing and fighing, (whew).  I broke out the waffle maker this morning and they enjoyed waffles for breakfast, when these gals are together everything is extra special for them.