Saturday, January 15, 2011


Just checking in to say hello, not too much to report in our world, the snow is finally melting which leaves a big 'ol mess of mud, kids are out on Monday for MLK day, they only went 3 days last week, and now another day off, these kids need to be in school now, can I hear an amen??? anywho, I haven't been feeling too good this week, just feeling yucky, some is MS some is a viral infection, which leaves a messy house, piles of laundry, a grumpy momma,  mix all that with some grieving and I am just a mess, but, today is a much better day, went to the grocery store and now we are stocked up for awhile now, the house is slowly coming back together, things always work out, life just kinda starts fixing itself,  you start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel, enough light to feel some hope, renewal.  Just got to keep goin..


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy! yes! mam! keep Tusting and Keep on Truckin! that pic was cute! Have a wonderful Sunday!