Friday, August 8, 2008


Oh, that's me, and I hate it, I am so unsettled right now, on one hand it's exciting to buy a new house, we're finishing up this weekend on getting our house ready for showings, and I have paperwork I have to gather for the mortgage company, all the necessary things for buying a home. Okay, I'm done, I just have to deal with everything one step at a time. Anyway, took the kids to see Nim's Island last night, mmmm... they liked it, it got on my nerves though, too much stuff going on, Hannah is across the street playing with a friend, Cameron is in his room and the kiddos are napping and I am complaining to you guys, oh, and I have some heartburn going on, I do this when I am stressed, oh, and... I pee alot too when I am nervous, don't you wish you could hang with me today, what a ball of fun I am. I need to put some clothes away and fold some towels, and pop a few antacids while I'm at it! you guys have a good weekend for me okay, think about me while I am painting baseboards and all that... S