Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi there! been MIA for a couple of days, been busy, between showings on our house and looking at new ones, trying to stay cool, keeping my kids busy and all that I just haven't had any time to blog! This morning we went to Kids Castle to play, then went to Walmart, and drove thru Wendy's to get lunch, and this afternoon we've just been hanging out. I have to admit I have not had my mind on the kids going back to school, I am really going to miss them when they do but I think they are getting bored, but won't admit it! next week is meet the teacher and they start on the 25th, we have bought a few new school clothes, it's still so hot here that they wear summer stuff into October, so they are okay on clothes, we got Hannah's first day outfit all picked out, and Cameron is easy shorts/t-shirt and he's happy! we still haven't got supplies but that is something I'll do alone this weekend, at night when the aisles are not crowded, I can't handle being all crowded on the school supplies aisle, what a beating!! anyway, it's obvious I get in the school mode because it's coming! I'll leave you with a couple of pictures from our fun morning!!