Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For sale sigs & scooters...

yes, it's official, the for sale sign went in the yard last night!! kinda surreal, the minute the realtor was gone Jim was busting to take a picture of it, so funny! I am too lazy to download it now but I will later on, I know you've NEVER seen a for sale sign in someone's yard, hehe! we are excited about our new ventures, but is also felt sad because we have lived in this house since Oct. 1997, this is the only home our kids have known, and we adore all our neighbors, it will be tough leaving, but... we'll only be within a 2-4 mile radius, so that's not bad. Anyway, after all the sign excitement it was getting dark and a bit cooler, I mean 95 is so refreshing compared to a whopping 102-103 to where you actually feel as though you could catch on fire, Hannah wanted to walk around the block, so I needed some fresh air after all the paper signing and being in the house all day that I was open to a nightime stroll, so Cameron, Hannah & their friend Cassie all get on their scooters and off we go, they were buzzing in and out of driveways, riding like crazy, and I just had to laugh, I love watching them in their element, enjoying themselves, being kids, it truly makes my heart full. This morning we are going to storytime at our little town libary they like to do that, and they get to do a craft so that will be a fun outing, and then Hannah had gym. this evening, so that's what is going on around here today, what are you guys up too??? Have a fabulous day! S