Wednesday, August 20, 2008


we needed it really bad, so it came and isn't leaving for awhile! so our last week of summer vacation has been kinda lousy, the kids had plans to swim with friends but doesn't look like that will happen. We're ready for school, all the supplies are bought and we're ready for meet the teacher night which is tomorrow night for Hannah and Fri. for Cameron, the kids aren't complaining about going back because they want to see their friends, but Cameron is dreading the homework of a 5th grader!! uh oh! it's gonna get harder... anyway, the house has been showing but no bites yet, it's only been 2 weeks so we're not worried! Take note of my new picture of the kiddies loading the school bus on the right, I love that picture and the saying, it's one of my fav movie quotes ever!! Well, as I am looking out my window & Cameron and a friend are putting his ramp out so they can jump it with the bike, scooter, or skateboard, you never know what they'll use, at least it's not raining, but it will start back later so they are getting some playing time in, Hannah is at gym. and she'll be home in a few minutes, I carpool with another mom, and when Jim gets home I need to head to the grocery store, we're becoming the house of nothing! I found this on another blog and I really liked it! Have a good evening! S