Monday, August 11, 2008

Our weekend...

got a call from the realtor on Fri. they are showing the house on Sat. (yikes)

hurry, hurry, do some last minute touch-ups

while our house is being shown we go look at some houses

go to Wal-mart to get a few things

hung out on Saturday night

get e-mail letting us know how the showing went- they loved the house, want to talk about next step- oh no, this is happening much too quickly!!!!

went to church Sun. morning, after church my sis/bro in-law came out to go look at a few houses with us, had lunch, then my dad was passing thru town on his way back from Austin and he visited with us awhile, read the paper, panicked about how crazy things could get for us in the next few weeks!!! but also excited about the changes in store for us!

this morning I have been gathering some papers for the mortgage company and getting ready for my BUSY day!