Saturday, March 27, 2010

{That word}

If it's not one one thing it's your period, what she said "period" yeah it's part of it huh ladies??? ha! just kinda popped up on me yesterday in the midst of Hannah barking like a seal on breathing treatments home from school, then doctor had to call her in a steroid because those lungs don't want to open up the right way, my neck and back have been hurting, life is trying to get back to somewhat normal and boom! I am not in the mood for this right now because the older I get the worse "it is" "they" have always been troublesome for me and I know that in a couple years I'll probably have all that jazz taken right out!! ha so for now I deal. Cameron spent the night with a buddy last night, right now Hannah is playing Wii and creating a new character for her cousin and wanting my advice on the details, this girl is wired from all her "drugs" and I am just about spent from it all, she loves her momma and wants me around her at all times and I love it but I am a little "testy" about now and need some alone time and I don't forsee that happening for awhile, but that's okay, she is now discussing swimming and how she never gets out of the water and I don't stay in enough, the girl conversation jumps, you just never know what we'll discuss next...