Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, here I sit at my mother's computer, it's always someone else's computer these days that I talk to you guys from, but that's okay, I'll have my own again, in about a month or so... no I am not having a pity party regarding the fact that I don't have my own home these days, in all honesty we kinda have to laugh at the fact that we're very "nomadic" these days, we float around if you will, ha! We have been in Texarkana since Sat. morning and we are leaving today to go back to Dallas because Cameron still has 2 more weeks of school left, and then we will move down here to our apartment and I swear and promise I am not leaving town again for a long time, you see, I drive alot these days, I average around 100 miles a day, my poor Armada is pleading with me to give it some rest, sheesh!!! but really, our life situation right now is just a bump in the road of life for our family and I can't help but think that bumps are really okay, we really learn alot from them. We have had alot of fun with our wonderful family, I am so excited to live here and have them around at all times!