Thursday, May 14, 2009

Okay, I really need to check in and let you know what's going on with us, get it all out there if you will, our new rent house flooded Sat. night, in a major way, at one point we didn't know how we were going to get out. We were awakend at 11:30 just 1 hour after we went to bed and the entire house was flooded, Jim had to carry Hannah out on his shoulders, the sunroom had about 2 1/2" of water in it, the house sits on an acre and it has been raining all day for days on end and we noticed the yard was like a creek but would not have imagined what would happen. We couldn't get out the front door because the water was almost waist deep, so Jim had to kick a door leading from the garage to the side of the house for us to get out and when he did water gushed in like a waterfall, we had to call 911 to let them know we were in there in case we got trapped and they came out, the firemen, our cars were going under but we got them out, and as we were sitting at the end of the driveway looking at the house it looked like it was floating on an island, the police said they had never seen anything like it ever! the electric company came and shut power off because the water was so high the house was considered electrified, all our family was called and came out to help, we had no shoes, we had nothing at that point, everyone was screaming and crying, we lost almost everything, we had just moved in that day. But, we're all okay, the kids are still having some emotional issues with it, and we now in the insurance process with the landlord because she failed to tell us the house was in a flood zone and insured with fema, so we have some serious issues ahead and are dealing the best we can. The kids and I are back in Dallas as of Tues. afternoon and Jim is handling things there, I'll keep you posted, please pray for us during this time!!! S

p.s. if anyone needs to get in touch with me my # is 940-206-6643