Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting settled, finally...

well hello friends, long time no talk! Have we been busy, oh yeah... okay, let's see, they packed the house on Wed. and we camped out there that night on the floor, (not comfy) then we closed on Thursday, and after the kids got out of school we moved to my m/inlaws house, Friday morning we get the kids up and take them to school (25 mile trip each way) Jim and I run around all day doing last minute errands, lunch with his sister, then we came back to Pat's packed a bag and headed to Texarkana, we were so incredibly worn out, got there around 9.

Met the movers at the house at 8 Sat. morning, cleaned all day, thank goodness for a wonderful family who were such great helps!!! we could not have done it without them!!!! We left yesterday and got back to Irving around 6:30. Jim had to catch a plane to Houston this morning for a business meeting and will be back in Wed. then he'll head back to Tex. Thurs. morning, whew, just typing this makes me tired all over again! But the hard part is over and now the kids and I are settling in here for our month long stay!! I'll keep you posted!!!