Monday, May 18, 2009

I am seriously considering writing a little memoir of my life for the past month, I think it would be interesting, I'm seriously thinking about it and I already have a title, so stay tuned...
Anywho, we're good were back in Tex. over the weekend to go through all of our "wet stuff" and clear out what is still good, how sad to see your stuff dripping wet, moldy and smelly! The kids were hard to get up this morning, we didn't get in until 9 and they went to bed around 9:30, it was hard for them to unwind from the day. Yesterday at the "flood house" as the kids call it we had all the family there helping us and the kids were so amazing at entertaining themselves, at one point they were in a room and Hannah had on an old cowboy hat of Cameron's, Molly-Kate had an old plastic axe from Halloween's past playing it like a guitar and Madeline had a plastic alligator that she named "allie" and they were carrying on like crazy! then we went and got them snow cones for a treat because they were so patient with us, my nephew John walked around with different helmets on and wanted to ride an old dirt bike, a scooter and whatever else he could find, when I ask him what kind of snow cone he wanted he said "a wed one" (red)
Anyway, nothing else to report right now just trying to get our lives back in order, sheesh it's exhausting!!!