Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a great weekend...

we had such a good 3 day weekend, let's see... we went and looked at furniture on Sat. we are going to need some new furniture when we move so we have been browsing for ideas on what we want when we're ready, took the kids to see Space Chimps on Sat. night and it was not a good movie, the kids didn't even like it, the reviews were bad but we wanted to check it out anyway and let me tell ya, we won't even rent that one it was that bad! On Sun. we went to Ikea, we have never been and since we were already going to my sis/law house we left early to go there and plus our house was being shown so we decided to check it out and it was really a neat place but waaaay crowded, the older I get the more I dislike crowds, next time we go to get things for the new house we will either go when it first opens or at night. Then we went to Terry's and swam, cooked out, ate lots of yummy food, the kids love going there, they have about 3 pinball machines in their gameroom and there is house is really big so the kids have alot of fun, I didn't take any pictures so I have nothing to show of our last summer hurrah... and I am ready for summer to end, enough of this heat for crying out loud!! I am ready for fall, cool crisp mornings, pumpkins, anything fall it's my favorite time of year.

Last night as I was going to sleep I was thinking about what a good weekend we had and how I was going to miss my little family when they all go their seperate ways in the morning, well, it seems the kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed this a.m. Cameron griped about what I packed in his lunch, was mad because he wanted cereal but we were out of milk so I had fixed him waffles, Hannah didn't want to wear anything I picked out, and while brushing her hair she was whining because it wouldn't do right, you see, Hannah has alot of thick hair for such a young thing and it can be a real chore, so all that made them have an attitude with me and I am biting my tongue trying to stay patient and I did and we got out the door on time and everyone was pleasant on the way to school, whew!!!! so I am doing laundry, and need to run to Wal-mart for a few things and that's my day! enjoy yours! Stacy