Thursday, September 4, 2008

100th POSTS!!!!

Woweee wow wow!!! I just realized it when I started this one! I went and had lunch with Hannah today and never left until school was over, I asked the teacher if she needed any help and she said sure, so I pulled kids out and read with them, played a syllable counting game and it was so much fun, I shoulda been a teacher. Hannah was loving me being there, she would come over and love on me every few minutes, and so when we came home I checked messages and we have 2 showings this evening, so fingers crossed that 1 of them will think this is the home for them!!! so now, what the heck are we gonna do from 7-8:30?????? on a school night??? hmmm... well I threw some cookies in the oven for a snack and now I need to start picking up around here!! oh, about the cookie deal I found this idea on another blog, what I did was make up some choc. chip cookies and oatmeal raisin (my fav) and you put them(the dough) on a baking pan on wax paper or parchment and freeze them for about 3 hours, then you put them in a large ziplock bag labeled, and throw it back in the freezer and there you have cookies for whenever you want some you just take out however many you want and bake!!