Monday, September 8, 2008

I just had to show off my new fall purse! I got it at Coldwater Creek and I am so excited about it, I love the colors makes me want fall even worse now, I am sooooo done with summer at this point, my hubby and I both are, we want some cooler weather. We have had 7 showing in the last few days and we are hoping, fingers crossed, for an offer! it does get old having to get the house in tip top shape and I mean tip top... we clear the kitchen counters, bathroom counters, that's what you have to do to make a good impression so that other people can see their stuff in your house. I have book club tonight so I am looking forward to that, I have been doing some laundry today and I took a little "siesta" I couldn't go to sleep last night so I got back up and read until after midnight, so I was a little sleepy this afternoon! what a bum huh :) well I better get another load out and I am making some homemade vegetable soup for dinner, I want to get it started early so that it will ready before bookclub and we can go ahead and eat, have a good one! Stacy


Anonymous said...

Hey sis, love the purse. T