Thursday, April 10, 2008

what dreary weather...

I know it's the stormy time of year but it's getting old, it's a real mess outside! Oh well I can't control mother nature so I might as well get on with it :) not too much going on here to report this week has flown by, we are gearing up for some spring cleaning this weekend, lots of yard work, and I am really looking forward to it, I've pretty much done the inside, so it's just the yard that needs attention, always feels good to "spruce" things up.

I was making dinner last night and had some extra chopped chicken and since I had boiled the chicken I also had broth so I whipped together some chicken and rice soup to have for lunch this week and it was sooooo yummy, I almost wanted to eat it for dinner instead of the casserole!! so I am looking forward to lunch today!

I treated myself to an eyebrow hot wax last night, I usually do it myself but I wanted it professionally done and I am so excited, they did a good job, and when I got up this morning I was like oh yeah, I have new eyebrows! (doesn't take much for me does it)???
Well, better go and refresh my cup of coffee and get on with my day, have a good one!