Thursday, April 24, 2008

A little me time...not tonight

okay, so after we had dinner and everyone was doing their own thing, Jim watching deal or no deal, Cameron in his room and thinking Hannah is in her room, I decide I need just a few "moments" to myself, so with my Ipod and a glass of wine in tow I head to the back patio to just chill. Well, as I get settled in my chair, a little voice from the swing set says "hey mom" it's Hannah, I'm like oh hi, I had forgotten she was out there, I politely told her I just wanted to listen to my music and as she is talking away I am telling her I can't hear you, but that doesn't matter she has ALWAYS has something to say :) then Cameron comes popping out, he's like there you are, mind you I have been out there maybe 5 min. tops!

So he decides to jump on the trampoline and then Hannah joins him and they want to show me some tricks, (I have seen them already!!!) haha!! and they are demanding my full attention, so I just sat there still listening to my music and nodding approvingly at their tricks, clapping every now and then, and I had to smile at the distraction knowing that as they get older they won't always want to be in my presence like that, and then it started thundering and lightning so I told them they needed to go in and I would be there in a minute, so I got just a few more minutes of quiet time and then it was time to start the bedtime routine. So I go in and Jim says how'd your quiet time work out for ya, with a grin on his face and we both just laughed!!

I need to get up and do something productive!! have a good one.