Monday, March 5, 2012

{Weekend Time Line Style}

Our weekend in a nutshell...

Friday night- my mother and I went to a women's function at church,  Hannah had a friend spend the night

Saturday- on a whim took Hannah and friend to a matinee to see Journey 2, she has been begging to see this, so we did, and we really liked it, we will surely purchase this movie.  Took Cameron to Jim's store to help clean and do some odd jobs to help his daddy out.  While in movie Jim texts me to say we are having a friend and his son over for dinner, and Cameron has a friend coming too.  Jim already had some steaks marinating, we just added a few more to the mix.  After movie I need to pick up house for said guests, decided to do baked potatoes, green beans and for dessert my Hannah made an Oreo goody, and it was fantastic, everyone was raving!!  I set the dining room table up for our guest, I love an excuse to eat in there, dinner was really good, and the conversation was fun!! We need to have these little impromtu dinner parties more often!!

Sunday- went to church, had spagetti for lunch, Hannah and I then went to visit my mamaw for awhile, then Jim calls to say that the brakes they gave him the other day are wrong size, his truck is torn apart, he is greasy and  needs me to go get the right ones, great... so home I go, Cameron and friend  hop in car and off we go to get correct parts, and for all my trouble I felt a Sonic happy hour run was needed, back home, truck gets finished, and we all just had a low key Sunday evening, THE END!!

I also have some cool news to tell yall real soon!!!


Terri said...

What news?