Monday, March 19, 2012

{Top Five}

Top Five

What I am loving on TV
1. Bethany Ever After
2. Mike & Molly
3. Last Man Standing
4. Shark Tank
5. Restaraunt Impossible

Personal Goals
1. Eating healthier (been doing good) :)
2. Yoga (just bought a DVD)
3. To feel better physically, has not been good lately, boo...
4. To get moving more, but #3 has been making it very difficult
5. To feel more peaceful in my life

Fun Stuff
1. I have been reading some great books here lately, yeah!
2. Been doing some fun crafts, luv!!!
3. Cameron's track meets starts this week, I love track meets!
4. Easter prep, planning what we will all wear
5. Working on bible drill with my Hannah girl!

These are sure fun!!