Wednesday, February 29, 2012

{A Better Stacy}

Here lately I made a decision that I wanted to be a "healthier me", not that I am unhealthy, or eat tons of junk food, I just want to make it a conscious effort to be better.  As I have said before I enjoy walking, it's my exercise of choice, so I always try to do that, I also enjoy doing different toning routines here at home, I really want to tone up my arms so I have been doing some hand weights, I always feel so good when I finish.  When we lived at the apts. we had access to a really nice workout room, I loved it, and miss it. 

The other day when Jim was on Craigslist I ask him to check out exercise equipment, I really want a treadmill,  we were so surprised at how affordable they are on there, we saw several that were maybe a year old and around $125, alot of people listed that they have joined a gym or they just don't use it, so that was a comfort to know they are out there.  So, we plan to get one in the next month or so, we will both benefit from it and the kids have voiced that they will be using it also, I am all for some family fitness, I am so excited about getting one!

My husband made some changes in his eating and is very pleased,  I went to the grocery store today and made sure to get some fresh spinach and flax seed,  I have been doing a fruit smoothie everyday here lately,  and I have seen so many recipes on Pinterest about adding spinach and flax seed to it for extra nutrients, they say you really can't taste the spinach after the other stuff is put in, I will be making one tomorrow morning, can't wait to try it. In fact I may sneak some flax in my family's food, every little bit helps.

None of these changes is due to summer coming up and me wanting to rock a bikini, no thanks on that, in fact no matter how good a body, I get so sick of seeing way to much skin, and these days that's all you see at the pool or beach, cover up girls!!!  ha! I mean it!!  It all has to do with feeling better, I am in my early 40's and the ol' body is changing, not always good either, ha!

Do any of you have any tidbits for me on overall health, let me know!!! Have a good evening, we have bible drill class tonight!  S


Anonymous said...

I was so happy to read your post. I too have decided to make healthier choices and to implement some kind of exercise into my daily routine. I am in my late forties and I want to be the best me I can be, and I agree, I don't want to rock the bikini, I've long since passed that baton onto the youth. I just want to be healthy, feel good and look the best I can for 48.
We're eating lots of greens, lots of fruit and plenty of protein. Junk food is non-existant. Water is our down fall. Neither one of us like to drink it in mass quanities. The Mister likes his diet soda and I have a coffee I.V. in at all times. So, we're working on that and exercise.. Ugh.. It's like kryptonite to me! I do like to walk but we're in northern Michigan and the winds whipping in off of Lk. Michigan are brutal.. Excuses, excuses.. Another downfall.
BUT! I am making the changes and I'm happy to see that I'm not alone.
I will cheer you on and I'd appreciate you sprinkling a lit'l cheer my way as well. - Can anyone do this alone?? - I don't think so..
Great post.