Friday, February 3, 2012

{The worst and best of times}

I am always amazed when I look back on my week and process everything that went on, for one this week as flown by, I cannot believe that January is over and we are in February, I think I say that every month, ha!  This week was filled with so many different feelings and emotions for me, first part of week I was just not feeling that good, really tired, all that good stuff, (not)! I was also discouraged about some things in my life, so that made me just miserable.  I knew I needed to tackle these things head on, so I did what always works for me, I Prayed, reeeeally hard, I pleaded acutally, for God to help me in whatever way he felt was best for me, and ya know, he did... and the next day things started piecing themeselves back together.  As I have always learned in church and our preacher touched on it the other day that yes God will help us, but we have to put forth effort also, we can't sit back and just wait, we have to work at it, so true, it makes us stronger, and I want to be stronger.
So to say my week was a bust, not on your life, I just needed some "tweaking" and I am so glad I did.

Have a good Super Bowl weekend!!!


Randee Hallmark said...

I ADORE the football brownies!! ;)