Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{A Little Decor}

I wanted to share with you somethings I have been doing.  This lamp is really old, but still a nice lamp, it just needed some updating.  I simply started with a coat of primer, then spray painted the base with a metallic that I already had, I had bought some gray shiny ribbon to put around the top and bottom of the shade, it had a thick rope band on there at first and I took it of, well, the ribbon was not working out for me, so I put my thinking cap on and decided to spray paint the old band the same color as the base, just wanted to see if it would turn out, well, it did and I think it looks great.  I spent no $ on this project.

 This is a bulletin board for Hannah's room, it is the fabric wrapped padded kind.  I simply cut the old ribbon off, pulled the buttons off, and recovered it with this new fabric, bought the buttons and the ribbon and used my heavy duty stapler to attach the fabric and ribbon, I had to make sure everything was very tightly attached so when she puts pictures in the ribbon it  would hold them and not be too loose, I hot glued the buttons on and wala, a new accessory for her room that I am making some changes to, I have some great plans for it!!

This frame here was from my Mamaws house, it used to be brown, I simply primed it and then painted it black, used some leftover fabric from the above project, then I bought this letter at HobLob, painted it white and then attached it to the glass and it now lives in my dining room, that I am also in the process of fixing up!

And these large utensils, ha! I got at Ross last week for $4.99 a piece, I simply could not pass that deal up, they also live in the dining room, I love them, I can't wait to get it all finished and show you the results!!


Terri said...

Everything looks great sis!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love your blog! - I've given you a bloggee award so c'mon over and claim it! :D