Friday, February 24, 2012

{This n' That}

Happy Friday peeps!  Hope everyone has had a good week, it went by fast if you ask me, they always do though.  We have had such a mild winter that I am getting spring fever, I am disappointed that winter has not been stronger though, we need alot more good freezes to kill all the bugs off! Yesterday was in the 80's and Jim and Cameron did some yard work, our yard looked terrible, but after some mowing and weed eating it looks alot better, anyway, as I was outside wandering around it smelled just like spring, the grass smelled so good, seems so unnatural for February! With our luck as it as been in the past we are freezing for Easter, such backwards weather! ha!

I am loving Pinterest these days, I find the best ideas on there, I am working on a few things right now in fact, my office/craft room is a mess, but a good mess, a mess of goodness! I just love some of the things I am doing and plan to do, and what's even better is I already have most of the stuff and just needed to buy a few more things to complete them, love that! I have seen the most darling Easter stuff on there, so precious!

Tonight my Hannah girl has a birthday party to attend at the bowling alley and I am going to my mother and Wayne's house and hang out with them while she is there since they live by the bowling alley, plus my talented mother has been doing some of her own crafts and I can't wait to see what she has done!  Cameron is spending the night with a friend so that means Jim gets some peace and quiet here at home for a few hours! and I am looking forward to sleeping late in the morning, I didn't sleep well at all last night and I am tired, even though I will get my second wind a bit later! ha 

Well, that's about it for me, have a good weekend!!
{hugs}  Stacy


Anonymous said...

Yard work?? Temps in the 80's?? Oh my gosh.. Our HIGH was 17 and I can't even see my yard for all the snow, which is a good thing because I LOVE my snow! I'm still waiting for our REAL winter and I refuse to have spring fever until I get each and every last inch of snow, all the way down to the very final snow flake, that is supposed to be here in frozen northern Michigan! :p

I can't wait to see what you're crafting.. I'm working on a baby dress.. Only odd because my baby girl is 27.. BUT, in my defense, somebody always has a baby girl somewhere that's in need of a new dress, right??? Right.

Enjoy your weekend as well!