Friday, July 29, 2011

{House rhythm & Walking}

We are getting settled into our new home, no more boxes laying around, well, in the garage maybe, but otherwise everything has found it's new place.  Now I am in the decorating stages, mother helped last week on hanging pictures, much as I want it all done righthisveryminute, that is not possible, somethings just take time, patience Stac. We do love our new home, that's for sure, we have so much more space, a beautiful deck out back, truly blessed!

Last week as we were unpacking and getting used to a new place I thought about how out of rhythm I was, houses have rhythm, we get in the rhythm of our surroundings and when they change it can be a real eye opener.  I felt unsettled, couldn't sleep, was totally lost in the kitchen, "now where did I put the tupperware"?? a fish out of water, how weird you may say, you've got a house after 2 years of apt. living, why would you feel unsettled? I was though, I am such a creature of habit, I love routine, reeeeaally love routine, ha! In the midst of my uneasiness, the poor dog is a nervous wreck, whining, following us around, freaked every time we left him alone, bless his heart, we just loved on him and made him feel safe, the rest of the gang just moved right a long!!!  I finally just ask God to help me fit in around here, slow down and just take it easy, change happens, there are times I do think my MS plays a role, my mind just can't take too much at once. 

I did things to help me along, I decided my kitchen set up was not functional, so after some rearranging, it finally felt right.  I still need to download some pics, and I will do that later.  But I do want to tell you that we are lucky enough to be just 3 houses from our middle school that has a track, and people are always there walking and running, it's in the middle of a neighborhood so people just walk over and start moving!  I have been getting up really early lately, so this morning as I was sitting here blog hopping I decided to start a new routine, I got my booty up and dressed and walked 3 times around that track!!! you know it!! morning is best, because wait til later and you may just fry right there on the track!  I have always been a walker, and I walked all the time around the apts.with Kirby and went to workout room, but for the past week or so I have not done anything, so I changed all that this morning, I have a new "deal", I so enjoyed myself,  I feel better when I am active, my mind is better.  When I went to the store yesterday I stocked up on water, I have been indulging in too many sodas lately,  I want water to be my "go to" I want to feel more in shape, one blog I read said in the winter I am working towards the bathing suit body and in the heat of summer I am working towards skinny jeans!! ha, great push!!!  I will have some pictures up later on for you, have a great day!!


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Hey it looks like you got the blog wide! Very cute :) Let me know if you need help with anything and I will try help you out! jamie @