Thursday, July 14, 2011

{A day in my Life}

I started packing yesterday, my sister just moved this weekend so I got her hand me down boxes, ha! nice and economical.  We are truly feeling boxed in around here, no pun intended! anyway, we are so excited to move, our house is so beeutiful, to us at least.  So after I was through working yesterday we ran and picked up some friends of Cameron's, they are brother and sister and they are the most precious kids, sister Veronica is going in 9th grade and Hannah thinks she is the best, and I love talking with her, she is very mature, loves taking pictures, in fact, she is getting a little side business going, her brother Bobby is C age and they are best buds, so they came over and swam, then they came in and hung out, she helped me pack somethings, and I fixed dinner for everyone, I got ready for Bible Study,  B decided to go to youth group with C, so we took V home, and H and the boys and I went to church, they went to their classes, I went to mine. 

After it was over they start screaming for ice cream, and I thought that sounded pretty good also, so we went through Wendy's and got frosty's, yummi, so good, nice treat!  We go home and eat our treat, B is spending the night, everyone goes their own way, I decided to go to workout room, I needed to move it, so I worked out awhile, then decided since it felt pretty decent outside to walk, then I went and got Kirby to walk with me, he was more than happy to oblige, ha!  Maybe, just maybe I burned that frosty off!  I was feeling good after all that, so I picked up a bit around the house, took a nice cool shower, had a bowl of popcorn, because I realized I didn't eat dinner, I was busy taking care of everyone else!  Kids all settled in,  Jim and I layed in bed and watched some Food Network and off to sleep, now I am ready to do it again, about to go to work and more packing is in my future!!!  Have a great day, it's a wonderful life!!