Friday, July 1, 2011

{July Yumminess}

It's July and I can hardly believe it!! I started this post yesterday, and never got to finish it, dinner got in the way! ha!  I am so excited about the fun weekend we have ahead.  I had been telling Jim that I wanted to have a fun 4th with family and friends somewhere, well, sure enough he talked to his family in Dallas and we are going to visit them, we are very excited as we have not seen them in awhile, we are going to have a party at his sisters house and watch the fireworks from their house, they live right in the middle of town and we will have a great view of a town fireworks show!! love the festivites of the 4th, love the colors, the food, and of course Miss H picked herself out a cute 4th shirt and I have some fun jewelry to wear, so excited!

This picture is so 4thy!

And don't these look good!