Thursday, July 7, 2011


I wanted to share what we have been snacking on and drinking this summer!!

We LOVE Sonic, and go there almost every time we run errands, which is several times a week, a large Cherry Limemade for me, cherry DP for Cameron and root beer for Hannah,  we usually go around happy hour so that makes it even better, I could go there everyday to be honest with you! hehe!

Pasta Salads have been the big deal, I made one a couple of weeks ago and the kids loved it! so I now make one every week for us to snack on, they give me ideas of what they would like in it, we have made some yummy ones!

Popsickles are always in the freezer, along with kool-aid in the frig, they get 1 soda a day, we have to keep hydrated in this Texas heat!!

We are also loving fresh fruit, Hannah loves peaches, we have enjoyed grapes, watermelon (my fav) cantalope and strawberries!

We have some more fun things to try out, we'll let you know!