Friday, June 10, 2011

{Dog Days}

It has been so painfully hot here, I hate it, today is high 80's, so that's a relief but I do not like triple digits, no way!!  Besides swimming in the pool we have not done anything exciting, we have been pretty bored to be honest with you, my mind is really set on moving, which should be no later than the 15th of July, we cannot wait to have a yard again, so is Kirby, haha!  Mine and J computer has been on the fritz, so we are all using the kids computer, the place we took it too said it cannot be fixed, it's not 2 yrs. old yet and we have had bad experience with it, it's a Gateway, then we were told it can be fixed, so we are waiting to get it fixed, what a pain!  Anywho, that is about it from me, I will write more when I actually have something worth while to say!!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, hang's not summer yet?..according to calendar! girl~ it is hot already! I'm getting ready to go to my granddaughters ball game @ 6:00~ trying to figure out what to take that I can stay cool! LOL~yeah right~ but anyway have a great wk-end!