Saturday, June 25, 2011

{All over the place kinda Stuff}

This is one of those all over the place kind of posts, no rhyme or reason, just stuff!! ha
I noticed that Hannah had taken some pictures of Kirby with his beloved "bear", he has loved this thing for years now, he gets a good grip of it in his mouth and goes to sleep, everyone thinks its so funny, we are used to it, we love our Kirb Kirb.

This is the banana pudding cake I made for Father's Day for Jim, he loves banana pudding and I had seen this recipe all over blogland and knew I had to try it, sooo wonderful, it was a hit, look how pretty it is, it actually looks like a trifle, in fact after making this I started looking for more trifle recipes to make, the possibilities are endless.

Yall know how much I love my Scentsy, LOVE IT!! well these are Scentsy Buddies, how cute are they??? I want one, as I was looking through the catalog I saw Mollie Monkey, my lil niece is Molly-Kate and I am thinking she needs this little guy,

And my Hannah girl looked through the catalog and said she wants Ribbert the Frog, love those adorable names,  I just started my Christmas list... I have decided that when we move I will need to get a new warmer for the back of the house, I already have a list made of the scents I want.

I have been under the weather since yesterday, not sure exactly what it is, lots of MS stuff, few other things, I have felt terrible, hopefully some new meds will help me out, I really want to feel better for church tomorrow, we are visiting a new one and I really like it and can't wait to go back, I am being positive, no more feeling bad, maybe I need to keep chanting that! ha

Jim is working today so my mom came and got the kids so they can hang with them for the day, I just need some peace and quiet, and they enjoy being with their mimi and papa Wayne.  It's really quiet around here, I am propped up on the couch with a glass of peach tea, Kirb is in his bed,  I may nap in a bit, whatever it takes to feel better. 

I am so excited about moving, I am going crazy with so many ideas and I can't wait to start putting then in place, I went to Hob Lob the other day for one thing and thanks to the 80% off sale,  I got a couple more things and I am thrilled about them, thrilled!!!

Well peeps that's all I got for now!!