Friday, February 25, 2011

{My kiddos}

These 2 kids of mine, they make me so happy, last night Jim had a chamber of commerce meeting and dinner so he would not be having dinner with us and I told him the kids and I would probably just drive thru Wendy's and grab some dinner, he suggested why don't we just eat there, I thought that was a great idea why not shake it up a little, do something different, and the kids thought that was a great idea, (doesn't take much does it) anywho, we sat there eating our dinner and talked about their day, I like to know what was the best and worst part of their day, they really like this and it can be really interesting listening to them.  Last night C was telling me about some cute girls and Miss H informs me that she "did" have a boyfriend at school, but she broke up with him, I asked her what they did to be boy/girlfriend, she said "mom, nothing we all just play together on the playground",  oh the drama!  as long as they keep it on the playground this mama is okay, haha!! I was shocked because she is pretty shy about stuff like that, now C on the other hand has had several little girlfriends, anyway, I remember at one point just looking at them as they were talking to each other and I just had to smile,  they are mine and I am so glad that they are!!!!


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Stacy, so happy to hear from you! Your kids are so cute! Hey did you get the info on cream I sent you? it is so good! Let me know! happy:) wk-end!