Thursday, February 10, 2011


This is a venting post today, I am not a happy camper the last few days, while the snow and cold weather is pretty, my pain is not, the cold has really affected my MS, I wake up in pain, feet hit the floor and ouch, legs ache... so I take my pain med. and some ibuprofin, wait for that to set in and start my day... blah, blah, blah, I am so tired of this, I cannot do anymore to make it better, and then I get really sleepy, and can't wait to get a nap,  and then to top it off my psoriasis is all flamed up, I have it on my hands and let me tell ya, they look rough, and they hurt, it's like lots of little cuts, so I look like a toddler sporting all of my band-aids, good times!  And, yeah there is more, sorry I warned you... I am not pleased with my body these days, and last night I obsessed about the fact that my butt is looking too large, and what in the world is that cellulite all about?? I didn't invite it over, it needs to leave. I am not out growing my clothes or anything, I am just not pleased,  I walk all the time, except when the weather is like this, and as always, I miss my sweet daddy and think about him all the time, and I know that grieving last awhile and I accept that, it's just stinks that's all.  I'll get a grip on all this, I know I will, sometimes ya just have to let it out and this is my blog so here it is!! HA! Thanks for listening, as always you guys are the best!! :)


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! stacy, Oh! girl, i am so sorry, that you feel bad, but I am identifying with you, I don't have MS but here lately i just do not feel well, all I want to do is just set with PJ's and socks and not do a thing! I just know this will paast. hey, on the hands, I found a hand cream @ TSC,(tractor supply)~ that is wonderful, I had little like scratches on the bottom of my feet, that is so dry, and started using this, I actually bought it for my son's dry and scratched up hands, but he never picked it up and it is awesome! Ingridients are lots of differnent kind of flowers. If you do not have a TSC in your area I will be happy to get you a tube and send it!! and let you try it! Just let me know! Hope you get to feeling better. Love and Blessings!

Sara G said...

I hope you feel better soon! I know pain and muscle tightness, makes hard to complete even normal tasks for me. I know I cannot wait for warmer weather! I don't have MS but I do have issues from a stroke. We will make it! Have a better day! Sending hugs!

Sandy said...

Stacy, I am praying for you. I can very much relate. I don't have MS. I have Fibromyalgia. And, I lost my Dad, too. Praying for you!